Private chef

Amazing food experiencies in amazing villas

The service of a private chef in Tenerife is a different way to enjoy the most refined cuisine with the freshest ingredients at your private villa.

Do you love your food prepared to your exact specification? Spicier? Food Allergies? Extra Sauce?

The KARAT Private Chef service is designed exactly for you. We provide you with a selection of different menus to choose from, or we can personalize your menus to your exact individual preferences, style, and tastes. If you have favorite dishes, preparation styles, or specific ingredient requests, just let us know!

You will never have to stand in line at the grocery store again!

All grocery shopping and ingredient sourcing are included with your personal chef service. We utilize the highest quality and freshest ingredients sourced exclusively for your meal.

Enjoy Private Chef restaurant-quality dining experiences at home!

Your private chef will arrive at your home approximately 90 to 120 minutes prior to your desired time to sit down to begin your meal. All your private chef will need to complete the cooking of your meal is a sink, stove, and some refrigerator and counter space.

Your chef will arrive with any specialized equipment necessary to complete any complex menu items.
Cleanup Is Always Included

You'll never have to wash dishes or clean up your kitchen!

Once your personal chef has completed the cooking of your meal, any leftovers are yours to enjoy and will be packed in your food storage containers and placed in your refrigerator or freezer.

All dishes will then be rinsed and loaded into your dishwasher, and all kitchen counter surfaces cleaned and sanitized. Your service team even empties the trash when they're finished serving you!

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